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In the prestige of a tradition of quality, creativity and elegance, Domusnova is a company that has been operating in the furniture sector since 1881.

The elegance of the style adopted in the creation of each single piece has been handed down for several generations to this day and is still maintained and combined with the use of modern design and production technologies.

The products are therefore increasingly exclusive and inimitable and are produced in compliance with a quality guarantee that aims to continue to improve the satisfaction of our customers.


Manufacturing high-level furniture also means participating in protecting the environment. Domusnova has always taken ecological needs into consideration, which is why every phase of the manufacturing activity is compatible with respect for the important environmental and social resources of the area.

The materials

We purchase our wood from controlled plantations, the same adhesives, resins, paints and treatments applied, whether natural or artificial, comply with the improvement objectives and any environmental regulatory limits defined at international and European level.


Our goals for the future are to continue improving by minimizing pollutants, this not only to improve the environment but also the quality of life.

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