Design and renovation

Development of new concepts and reconsiderations of spaces

The Domus Nova within its structure includes a technical office full of various departments with expertise both in the design of furnishing spaces, and in the development of new concepts and reconsiderations of spaces in the context of renovations and new buildings.

The imagination and knowledge of “beauty” help us in the conception of new prototypes of both furniture and materials for the finishes of the splendid residences, villas, apartments and palaces that have been expertly designed, developed and built by the Domus group for more than a century Nova.

We operate on all continents, both in the most international cities and in the most glamorous vacation spots in mountain, lake, seaside and countryside locations.

We can develop:

  • Interior and exterior projects
  • Building practices
  • Assisting plant engineering and construction companies
  • Manage the construction sites until the work is completed
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