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Sofa stat


Sofa with forged steel structure, padding in differentiated density polyurethane foam and leather upholstery.

Collection: At the showroom
Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 240 × 80 × 70 cm

240 cm width x 70 cm height x 80 cm depth

Packaging specifications

250 cm width x 90 height cm x 80 depth cm, Wooden

Product details

For the good preservation of the product, we advise you not to expose it to direct light. Respect the maximum load indicated in the technical data sheets.

The product has been designed and manufactured solely for an ordinary “sitting” use; any different and improper use of the product is strongly discouraged (example: standing up, swinging, more people sitting …), in which case Domusnova Srl declines all responsibility for damage to things and / or people that may be a consequence of this non-ordinary use. For more detailed information, contact your dealer.
For chairs / armchairs / stools with leather upholstery, the signs and imperfections of the surface are not to be considered defects, but natural characteristics of the leather, which guarantee its authenticity, enhancing its natural beauty.

For upholstered items with leather and eco-leather upholstery:

Dirt and stains can be removed using a soft white cloth soaked in water and neutral soap, rub lightly.  Avoid pressing too hard on the stains because in this way, instead of cleaning, you risk promoting the absorption of dirt.

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